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Perfume Atomiser

Product code: 1

In stock: yes

Cut timber blanks approx 22mm x 22mm to the same length as the brass tubes. Drill a 15mm diameter hole down the centre of each of the timber blanks, and glue the brass tubes inside. Sand off square to the ends of the brass tubes. Prepare two hardwood or metal mandrel spacers to fit onto a standard pen mandrel. Fit the timber/brass sleeves one at a time onto the mandrel and spacers, and tighten mandrel nut. Turn and polish down to 16.6mm diameter cylinders or to other shapes as required. Turn a timber button for the top section to the desired shape (fully inlaid, ful dome, small inserted dome, concave or other). To facilitate turning, the top section has been through-bored with a 1/2" diameter hole. Turn the timber between centres leaving 1/2" diameter spigot of sufficient length to grip in the drill chuck. Turn and polish to the required shape; part off leaving a 10mm length of spigot for Medium gluing. To assemble, force the bottom section into the end of the long timber/brass sleeve and the short end of the coupling into the other end. Insert the spring retainer into the coupling and push through to the bottom. Insert the perfume atomiser. Force the top section into one end of the short timber/brass sleeve. Glue in the turned wooden button.


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