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[PENTSCUFFER] Pen Tube Scuffer

[PENTSCUFFER] Pen Tube Scuffer

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Price: $14.88
Product code: PENTSCUFFER

In stock: yes

Pen tube scuffer’s have been made to help you rough up the brass tube before gluing into your timber or plastic pen blank. However they are very helpful when removing the glue off tubes or when removing a damaged/cracked blank from the tube. Mount the scuffer in a Jacobs chuck in your lathe headstock, sanding can be done without tailstock support. However if you have a mandrel saver it can be used to support the tailstock end and you can do away with the hex nut. The tapered tube mounting ends make this tool universal for many of the available brass tubes up to 90mm long, with care you can even do some minor shaping and sanding of your pen blanks. Caution needs to be taken not to over tighten the brass tube in the scuffer or you risk flaring the ends on the tube. The scuffer shaft is the same size as a pen mandrel shaft allowing a 7mm tube to fit straight on, if the hex nut is a problem replace with your brass nut off the pen mandrel, it fits. Spare brass knurled nuts can be purchased on our site. Plastic finishing bushes will also fit on the shaft allowing you to use CA glue and not damage your mandrel.


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