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[CZMBSM8] 8mm Bottle Stopper Mandrel

[CZMBSM8] 8mm Bottle Stopper Mandrel

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Price: $11.55
Product code: CZMBSM8

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Bottle stopper mandrel 8mm metric thread 1.25 mm pitch suites the screw threads on our stoppers, made of steel. Hold the shaft in a drill chuck on the lathe or a set of pin jaws, can be used as a mandrel for cutlery and other projects as well. Drill a hole in your timber smaller than 8mm and screw it onto the mandrel while in the chuck to allow it to cut its own thread, the hole diameter will depend on the hardness of timber and its holding power. Bring up the live centre to support the timber while roughing down and shaping. Remove the live centre and finish of the end of the timber where it has been held. Apply the finish unscrew the work and screw it on your stopper. Click on the image again to get a photo that includes dimensions of the mandrel.


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