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Salt and Pepper Mills

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For those of you who wish to have a 'good grind' without any extras and with the minimum of equipment, here is a simple description of one method to use. It only requires a simple screw chuck and an auger to produce. Always stetch out the proportions of the project before starting. This way you will be sure to use just the right amount of wood. This one is based on a 7" mechanism. Mark out the centre of both ends of the 2 1/4" stock, using the diagonals. Mount the stock between centres and turn the cylinder. Face up both ends leaving a spigot of less than 7/8" diameter at one end. Mount an auger (suggest 7/8" in a drill chuck at the headstock end). Engage the lathe at about 500rpm or bottom speed if you can't get this low. Now mount the cylinder between the auger and the tailstock end. (end A against the auger). Hold the wood and switch on the machine. Now hold the wood in your left hand and wind the talistock quickly to force the wood into the auger - retract quickly every 1" of so to remove the excess cuttings. When you have bored over halfway and at least 3" in depth, you can reverse the stock into a spigot made from scrap wood mounted on a screw chuck. If a spigot is used a good fit is required. Drill the hole for the spindle. If you require to recess the driving plate in the capstan, turn a spigot at both ends of the capstan the same size as the main bore. Part the capstan off leaving the spigot at both ends. Complete the main bore using the auger for the tailstock end. Reverse the capstan and put the spigot into the bore to form a recess in the base of the capstan for the driving plate. Remove the body from the pin chuck to see how deep you need to sink the mechanism in the base. Reverse the body into the spigot and complete the counter bore at the base. Use a small scraper to sink the female grinder part to the required depth, you will also need to tickle the main bore with a scraper to fit the female grinder part more snugly. Remove and put the body back into the original position in, the spigot. Make sure the capstan spigot fits the bore smoothly. A touch with a scraper may be required to open out the bore. Fit the capstan and apply the tailstock support. Now finish the outside shape or the completed mill. Sand, seal and finish. Finally with the point of the skew remove the pip. It may be wise not to part through entirely, in order to prevent the capstan flying off and getting damaged. Ie cut off the last 1/16" with a small hacksaw blade and rub the end with a bit of sandpaper. NB: All instructions are to be used as a guide only.


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